ABC. Maren Morris knows it's a long and winding road to get to your dreams, as evidenced by her American Idol audition ticket.. Maren was 17 years old in August 2007 — when she auditioned for American Idol's seventh season at the former Texas Stadium in Irving.Though she sadly didn't make it past the audition, her mom, Kellie, decided to hold on to the ticket as a keepsake — and the. When they asked him last week what he was looking forward to about the Hometown Visit if he made it through, ole baw said getting on the river. A breezy All-American leading man, a type much favored in the 1920s, handsome, dark-haired Johnnie Walker (aka John Walker and Johnny Walker is remembered for two very disparate pictures: the tearjerker Over the Hill to the Poorhouse (1920), immensely popular with moviegoers, and the historical epic Old Ironsides (1926), mostly heralded by the critics; Walker played Steven Decatur in the. Walker Hayes is a man of mystery as of late, teasing new music on the way, but also sharing photos of him reenacting 90s country covers. ... 'American Idol' Announces Season Three Premiere.

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