Vauxhall Volkswagen Ferrari Lamborghini Porsche Mclaren Volvo Maserati Isuzu Jeep Kia Lexus Lotus MG Mitsubishi Nissan Back Tyre Sizes. 155/65 R14 175/65 R14 ... where it can be collected and reused.Breather pipes perform an essential role, but over time can fray, split or crack - leading to leaky oil and potentially expensive engine damage. The garage told him that it needed to go to Vauxhall. VAICO V40-9681 BREATHER Hose, expansion tank for OPEL, VAUXHALL - $34.56. FOR SALE! Model: V40-9681. Manufacturer: VAICO. OPEL 13 251 447. OPEL 13 408 385. 164976607149. As you'd expect, the Corsa's transmission is vastly improved over standard spec. There's an F28 six-speed from a Calibra converted to front-wheel drive, a Quaife ATB and plans to install a Helix.

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