Zev Technologies Octane Slide For The Sig Sauer P365 Offers Improved Glare Resistance And Grip With Our Signature Slide Channeling Serrations. Shield Rmsc Compatible Optics Cut Comes Standard On The Z365 Octane Slide . ... Target and lock in with ease with the most technology-advanced Sig Sauer SP2022 Laser Sights on. Optics Cut: Our Shield. . . Optic cut on M&P will remove the factory rear dovetail. It will require a new Glock style rear dovetail cut behind or in front of the optic if you wish to have a rear sight. ... Sig P320 Optic Cut. Price $75.00. Quick View. Sig P365 Optic Cuts. Price $75.00. Quick View. Springfield Hellcat Optic Cuts. Price $75.00. Quick View. Rear Dovetail Cut.

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