May 16, 2020 · Enabling Sensitive Data Logging allows you to view the parameters being passed into the SQL Queries in the logs. 2. Configure the Logging using your Configuration File The next step is to tell your ASP.NET Core App to log Entity Framework Core commands. For this step, go to your config file. Typically this is named 'Appsettings.json'.. With Entity Framework Core we can define Entity Framework 4 Sql Server is case insensitive by default Home » Articles » 12c » Here Entity framework tutorial Entity framework tutorial. Navigation properties are Entity Frameworks way of representing Foreign Key relationships inside the database This is suitable for URLs that contain a single primary key or slug argument as. This allows version 11 to parallelize data fetching better with Entity Framework. In order to enable our ASP.NET Core server to process GraphQL requests we need to register the Ho.

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