View Finding Complex Solutions of Polynomial Equations.pdf from HIST 101 at Howard Community College. Name _ Date _ Class _ Finding Complex Solutions of Polynomial. Polynomials can have real zeros or complex zeros. Real zeros to a polynomial are points where the graph crosses the x -axis when y = 0. When we graph each function, we can see these points. Complex zeros are the solutions of the equation that are not visible on the graph. Complex solutions</b> contain imaginary numbers. In the case of quadratic polynomials , the roots are complex when the discriminant is negative. Example 1: Factor completely, using complex numbers. x 3 + 10 x 2 + 169 x. First, factor out an x . x 3 + 10 x 2 + 169 x = x ( x 2 + 10 x + 169) Now use the quadratic formula for the expression in parentheses, to find the values of x for which x 2 .... If your polynomial misses a term, just set zero as its coefficient. Both polynomial coefficient and sample variable value can be either real or complex . (For real number, enter zero in the imaginary part.) The calculator can be used for equation solution checking.

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