Voltage drop over long runs of cable (think 3-4m as a minimum) can be a problem - note that cable length does include both the positive and negative conductors. While many consider a voltage drop of 0.5V to be acceptable, industry experts reckon a 0.15-0.2V drop (at 12V) is a much more acceptable figure. The best way to avoid voltage drop is. As new Kings 50 litre 12 / 240 volt compressor fridge / freezer. It come with both cables to run it from a 12 volt source (car, caravan, camper trailer) or 240 volt mains. It has a digital controls with LCD screen to set temperature from 10 to -18 degrees. This has come out of a new caravan and has not been used. $330. Step 2: Cutting. I first made a prototype out of a styrofoam cooler.

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